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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Preach My Psalter Dominican Lenten Appeal

     Dear Friends, as a mendicant (begging) friar of the Order of Preachers, who has taken a vow of poverty, I am required by my Order and Province to appeal to the people of God regularly for donations, especially friends, family and the beneficiaries of my priestly ministry. For this reason, I am establishing an annual appeal during Lent for people to offer a single donation each year. These donations will help my Dominican Priory, St. Anthony’s, in New Orleans, including my itinerant ministry, “Preach My Psalter” Dominican Rosary Apostolate. St. Anthony Priory is the poorest Dominican priory in New Orleans and the Southern United States. As a result, the priory cannot pay me a salary for my itinerant ministry. In offering parishes missions, retreats and days of prayer and contemplation, I do receive a donation from groups or parishes on such occasions, but certainly not enough to support my ministry, much less my priory. This will help pay for my ministry-related costs as needed, such as gas, meals, airfare, hotels and educational resources. This is all for the preaching of the Truth of God's Word for the salvation of all people. I hope and pray you will consider helping me and my priory during this Lent. This particular appeal for alms is only for Lent. This would be a single Lenten donation. The amount I hope to raise is $4,800, which would mean the priory would have $400 per month to help pay for such costs.  I really appreciate you considering in prayer this appeal for alms during the season of Lent.



Payable to: Dominican Fathers of St. Anthony Priory.

Memo: Preach My Psalter Lenten Appeal.


St. Anthony Priory
Preach My Psalter Lenten Appeal
Friar Mariano D. Veliz, O.P.
4640 Canal St.
New Orleans, LA 70119

In Christ with Blessed Mary,

Friar Mariano D. Veliz, O.P., Promoter of the Rosary

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